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‘Vagina beer’ to fight infection? – MIMS Malaysia
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Taking craft beer to another level, brewers have formulated a beverage using vaginal bacillus or yeast from a woman’s genitals anchored on scientific studies that these live bacteria – Lactobacillus – has the ability to fight infections.

The ‘vagina’ beer presented as Bottled Instinct and created by the company Order of Yoni is said to contain lactobacillus from a “unique” woman’s vagina. Yoni is the Sanskrit word for vagina. The woman, from whom the beer project takes its sensual selling point, is Czech model Alexandra Brendlova, according to a report from Medical Daily.

It’s not the first unusual beer to be developed. There have been brews using dead whales and dead Christmas trees. One that also made use of a human component is beer made from the hair follicles of a man’s beard. These were brewed and incorporated into the drink, and is said to taste like pineapples.

While Bottled Instinct partly hopes to attract consumers based on the marketing tack “sexuality, charm and instinct” of a woman, its creators claim they were able to successfully isolate and multiply the lactic acid bacteria in a “safe way”.

The particular bacteria – Lactobacillus gasseri – is a specific strain found inside the vagina and works to protect the genitals against pathogens. The company claims a study was previously done which also found that Lactobacillus crispatus could be a key in the prevention of HIV infections by trapping the virus to keep it from spreading.

A Stanford study also suggested that vaginal bacteria levels may indicate preterm labour.

Researchers from the University of California, San Francisco have said lactobacillus can be used in formulating antibiotics that are bacteria-resistant.

Lactocilin, a drug inspired by vaginal bacteria, is said to work against urinary tract infections (UTI) and the sexually-transmitted disease, gonorrhoea.

There is also lactobacillus in pill form known as probiotics that is said to enhance mood and counter depression.

Although more findings point to the benefits of lactobacillus, it will probably take some time before the ‘vagina beer’ becomes available in the market. Order of Yoni is still trying to raise funds via crowd-funding to enable the company to brew six batches of beer, each batch consisting of 16,600 bottles.

Its goal is 150,000 euro, but crowd-funders remain sceptical and don’t seem to be taking it seriously as only 234 euro has been raised so far. MIMS


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