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Sandeep Singh Dhillon
Goldman Sachs breaks down how Amazon can jump into health care – CNBC
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By Christina Farr, CNBC

Amazon is speeding its efforts to crack the health care market, hiring a number of high-profile executives, testing Echo technology in top hospitals and creating a secret “1492” team dedicated to health-technology opportunities like telemedicine and electronic medical records.

Goldman Sachs is now out with a 30-page report from five research analysts on Amazon’s likely ambitions in the $560 billion prescription drug market. The note cites CNBC’s reporting on the 1492 group and Amazon’s hiring of a general manager to lead its pharmacy unit.

Here are some of the key insights from the report:

  • Rather than replacing pharmacies right away, Amazon might start by partnering with a pharmacy benefits manager (PBM), which acts as an intermediary between payers, like health insurers, and the rest of the health system. That would provide “access to patient data and the potential to cross-sell related products.”
  • Amazon could ultimately improve price transparency for the consumer and reduce out-of-pocket drug costs. But it would likely start by speeding up the drug delivery process and facilitating at-home delivery.
  • Amazon could also become an online pharmacy, retail and online pharmacy, integrated PBM and online pharmacy, or handle drug distribution to pharmacies.
  • One potential — and overlooked — challenge for Amazon might be the so-called “age gap.” Amazon’s customers tend to be younger and healthier than people who typically take prescription drugs.
  • Amazon could move into digital health by using the Echo in clinical settings and developing tools for telemedicine and remote patient monitoring. “Imagine seeing a virtual doctor on your Amazon app, having it prescribe you a certain medication, and then tapping a ‘buy now’ button — all without leaving your home.”

Sandeep Singh Dhillon
Jeff Bezos’s Amazon Wants a Slice of the Multi billion-Dollar Pharmacy Market – INC.com
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Jeff Bezos’s company is reportedly looking to expand its portfolio to the multibillion-dollar pharmacy market.

Over the past few years, Amazon has held “at least one annual meeting” to evaluate whether it should jump into the pharmacy space, according to CNBC citing sources familiar with the matter. Two weeks ago, Amazon posted a new job looking for a “PHC [Primary Home Care] Licensing Program Manager” to support its “Professional Healthcare Program.” Responsibilities include submitting state license applications and maintaining “documents and databases for state board of pharmacy licensing requirements,” according to the job description. The company didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

Amazon also recently announced its plans to hire 5,000 home-based workers to join its customer service teams. The majority of those jobs will come with benefits like health insurance, sick and vacation time, and tuition.

Jeff Bezos’s Amazon empire has expanded into food retail (Amazon Fresh), video streaming services (Amazon Prime), web hosting (Amazon Web Services). It’s also jumped into the rocket ship race with Blue Origins. Last month, Amazon announced its plan to roll out operations in Australia, where online sales are expected to account for more than a third of the country’s retailers’ sales. At last count, the company has invested or acquired more than 128 companies in the last few years.