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Pharma Job! Senior Research Associate Synthetic Genomics, Inc.
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La Jolla, CA

Posted Date:


Position Type:

Full time

Job Code:


Required Education:

Bachelors Degree

Areas of Expertise Desired:

Biochemistry, Molecular Biology,

Job Description

  At Synthetic Genomics, Inc., we are dedicated to developing and commercializing genomic-driven solutions to address global challenges. We are currently seeking a Senior Research Associate to join our fast-growing, dynamic and collaborative team in La Jolla, CA.


Required Skills:
Will conduct next-generation sequencing, innovative R&D to advance project goals, and ensure timely completion of project objectives.
• Maintain processes on next-generation sequencing (NGS) platforms from several vendors and fulfill internal sequencing request. Perform sample prep and library construction and work closely with vendors on troubleshooting of instruments on protocols.
• Apply novel DNA construction methods that allow for robust, low-cost, accurate and high-speed DNA synthesis.
• Leverage automated platforms to enable the synthesis of synthesis of genes, pathways, and entire chromosomes.
• Utilize molecular biology skills to generate new and improved methods for the construction synthetic DNA constructs.
• Ensure that all company policies and safety practices are followed

Required Experience:
• Requires a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Biochemistry, Molecular Biology or related discipline with 5+ years’ experience in industry or academia.
• Firm understanding of molecular biology techniques.
• Experience utilizing robotic platforms.
• Experience managing numerous projects simultaneously.
• Hands-on experience within high-throughput genomic pipelines.
• Experience operating automated laboratory equipment (e.g. QPix, Biomek, ABI 3730 XL DNA Sequencer, Next-Gen sequencing, etc.).
• Familiar with computational biology tools (BLAST, Vector NTI).

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