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Market Analysis of Global Pharmaceutical Industries and Trend Estimation
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Research and Markets has announced the addition of the “Market Analysis Of Global Pharmaceutical Industries And Trend Estimation” report to their offering.

The report analyses the global trend of pharmaceutical industries. It gives vivid profile of generic drugs and emerging market across the globe. A comprehensive market analysis of Germany, Russia, US, Australia, China and India has been presented. Analysis covers market capacity, market value, drug consumption, healthcare expenditure, export and import of drugs, retail commercial market, hospital sale, key achievements and developments, markets around different kinds of drugs etc. The report presents financial analysis of top pharmaceutical companies such as Pfizer, Johnson and Johnson, Abbott, Gilead, Sun Pharma, Glaxo Smith Kline, Eli Lilly & Company.

The latest annual reports of all companies were analysed and compared with earlier reports so as to decipher market trends. Key issues involved in pharmaceutical supply chain for optimization have been identified. Management, discussion and analysis reports of global pharmaceutical industries are an added feature of this report. The future global market trend for coming years has been predicted in light of enormous data collected from various sources.

Key Topics Covered:

1. Pharmaceutical And Pharmaceutical Company
1.1 Pharmaceutical Company
1.2 Definition Of Medicinal Product Or Drug
1.3 Classification Of Drugs
1.4 History Of Drugs
1.5 Ancient Pharmacology
1.6 Medieval Pharmacology
1.7 Modern Pharmacology
1.8 Drugs And Intellectual Property Rights

2. Generic Industry
2.1 Generic Industry
2.2 Introduction To The Generic Market
2.3 Leading Companies In The Generic Industry
2.4 The Generic Industry And Mergers & Acquisitions
2.5 Generic Industry & Emerging Markets
2.6 Conclusion To The Generics Industry

3. Pharmaceutical Industries In Selected Countries Of The World
3.1 German Pharmaceutical Industry
3.2 Russian Pharmaceutical Market
3.3 Russian Pharma Company
3.4 Russian Pharmaceuticals Market
3.5 Us Pharmaceuticals Market
3.6 Australia Pharmaceuticals Industry
3.7 China Pharmaceuticals Industry
3.8 Indian Pharmaceuticals Industry

4. Financial Analysis Of Top Pharmaceutical Companies
4.1 Pfizer
4.2 Johnson & Johnson
4.3 Abbott Pharmaceuticals
4.4 Gilead
4.5 Sun Pharma
4.6 Glaxo Smith Kline Annual Report
4.7 Eli Lilly & Company Annual Report

5. Pharmaceutical Supply Chains: Key Issues And Strategies For Optimisation
5.1 Trends In The Pharmaceutical And Related Industries
5.2 Value Chains
5.3 Supply Chains
5.4 Process, Development & Design
5.5 Optimised Planning Of Tests
5.6 Capacity And Portfolio Planning Under Uncertainty
5.7 Combined Testing And Capacity Planning
5.8 Classical Supply Chain Planning And Management
5.9 Issues/Structure
5.10 Dynamic Supply Chain Analysis
5.11 A Particular Market
5.12 Comparison Of Two Supply Chain Responses
5.13 Some Conclusions
5.14 Future Perspectives

6. Management, Discussion And Analysis Report Of Global Pharma Industry

7. Summary

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