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Get information of generic variant of branded drugs in a jiffy
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MANGALURU: The prescription scam unearthed in Delhi a few years back where pharmaceutical companies allegedly paid doctors to prescribe branded drugs vice its generic variant, available at a fraction of the price, started this Bengaluru-based software developer thinking.
His efforts have resulted in the launch of an android application ”Ausodhyatmika” that provides common man the knowledge of medicines and its generic variants having same constituents.

The mobile application by Krishna Kant Tiwari from Bengaluru available of Google play store, provides details of a medicine like name, constituent(s), medicine type, unit, price per Unit and manufacturer on a search based on medicine name, manufacturer and generic constituent(s).

Tiwari, who works from MIndtree, says the patient can always get back to the doctor to prescribe the generic variant in case it is available instead of shelling huge money for branded ones.

“When I saw that news, the idea struck me. It took me almost a year to get the app up and running as it involved huge work. I launched Ver 1.0 on April 29 and through user feedback, I ironed out the glitches in the latest 1.1 version,” said Tiwari.

“Users want information in a jiffy and this app does exactly that,” he notes. Regarding similar apps, Tiwari asserts that this is totally free plus has no business interests like offering discounts or selling drugs. ”When selling and offering discounts comes into the app, it means business interests are involved,” he adds.

Hailing from a small village near Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, Tiwari, an electronics engineering graduate, spent night at railway station when he arrived at Bengaluru a decade back. “Police shooed me away from railway station and I spent the night at the bus station. I have seen the bad part of life,” he said. Regarding support from the company, Tiwari said: When I brought the idea to my director’s notice, he gave me permission to go ahead with the app after it was made clear that it was purely non-profit and a social service application.

Tiwari’s father is an army officer and there three army officers in his family. ”Basically my family is serving the nation and that aspect runs in my blood. This is my way of serving the nation,” he points out. Tiwari also warns that user should use the information provided by the application as per their own discretion and/or take the professional help in selecting medicine(s).

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