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Broad-spectrum oral antibacterial agent Gracevit receives approval for manufacturing and marketing – Courtesy (Daichii Sankyo)
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Tokyo — DAIICHI SANKYO COMPANY, LIMITED (hereafter; DAIICHI SANKYO) announced it received approval on January 25 for its broad-spectrum antibacterial agent Gracevit® (generic name: sitafloxacin hydrate) from the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. Gracevit® is to be marketed in 50 mg tablet form and as a 10% fine granular preparation.

DAIICHI SANKYO currently markets Cravit®, which is in the same class as Gracevit®, in tablet form and as a fine granular preparation. Cravit® is highly acclaimed for its clinical efficacy and safety. However, Gracevit® exhibits potent antibacterial activity with a broad spectrum and DAIICHI SANKYO expects it to be clinically effective in severe cases of bacterial infection, relapse/recrudescence of infection and infections where resistant bacteria are the suspected cause. The anticipated Gracevit® can be prescribed as the new quinolone oral antibacterial agent.

Promoting drug compliance and ensuring safety for Gracevit® are top priorities for DAIICHI SANKYO and the company is set to provide information for these purposes. In addition to Cravit®, DAIICHI SANKYO is confident Gracevit® can further contribute to the treatment of infectious diseases.

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