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Banned Medicines Still in Market!
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Banned Medicines Still in Market!
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DGDA warns legal action for selling illegal drug

A number of medicine brands that have got their registrations cancelled being tested harmful for human consumption are still on sell at medicine shops.
The Directorate General of Drug Administration in a circular on August 13 cancelled 51 brands of drug and prohibited their production, buying, selling distribution, storing and exhibition.
The pharmaceutical companies concerned were also asked to withdraw the drug brands from the market through their own channels and urged people not to use them.
The 51 brands include all the 16 brands of tablets having a combination of Paracetamol 500 milligram and DL-Methionine 100mg as cardiovascular complication, carcinogenesis, hepatic encephalopathy, brain damage and acidosis were seen as side effects for the presence of Methionine in the tablets.
Methionine is not recommended for children under 12 years and that is why the use of Paracetamol and DL-Methionine combination is risky for human health.
The banned medicines also include all the 20 brands of Pioglitazone 30mg, three brands of Pioglitazone 45mg, all the five brands of Rosiglitazone 2mg and seven brands of Rosiglitazone 4mg as their side effects were found risky for human health, the circular said.
Spot visits at different shops adjacent to Dhaka Medical College Hospital and Mitford Hospital and in Basabo, Madartek, Khilgaon, Malibagh and Shahbagh areas on Wednesday found that many brands of banned medicines including
Paradote (Paracetamol and Methionine combination) of Renata, Glucozon 30 (Pioglitazone hydrochloride) of Aristopharma, Fast-M ((Paracetamol and Methionine combination) of Acme and Lit-30 (Pioglitazon) of White Horse were being sold.
A drug store owner at city’s Madartek said that most of the banned medicines were not popular and not available in the markets for several months.
He, however, said that he had been selling two of the items but no medicine company men had asked him not to sell those brands.
Drug administration director (current charge) Md Ruhul Amin said that their officials were conducting drives in the markets across the country and getting some of the banned medicines at drug stores.
He said that the manufacturing companies concerned knew where they had supplied the medicines and they were asked to withdraw them through their channels.
Ruhul said that legal actions would be taken against the companies whose banned medicine would be found to be sold.
Drug administration officials said that the combination of Paracetamol and DL-Methionine combination was analgesic used against fever, and both Pioglitazone and Rosiglitazone were used to control diabetes.
The banned drug brands of Paracetamol and DL-Methionine combination include Paradote Tablet of Renata Limited, Norsoft tablet of Novelta Bestway Pharmaceuticals Limited, Tamepro tablet of Eskayef Bangladesh Ltd, Pamix-M tablet of Ziska Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Renomate Tablet of Opsonin Pharma Ltd, Zeset Tablet of Opso Salaine Ltd, Softpara Tablet of Ibn Sina Pharmaceuticals, Metes Tablet of Leon Pharmaceuticals Ltd, ACETA SOFT Tablet of Biopharma Ltd, FAST-M Tablet of Acme Laboratories Ltd, ACE Soft Tablet of Square Pharmaceuticals Ltd, ACTOL-M Tablet of Somatec Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Paramin Tablet of Sharif Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Fivimet Tablet of Drug International Ltd and NAPA Soft Tablet of Beximco Pharma Ltd.
The banned Pioglitazone include Pioglit 30 tablet and Pioglit 45 tablet of Beximco, DIATAG 30 tablet and DIATAG 45 tablet of ACI, PIOL 30 tablet of Opsonin, PIODAR 30 tablet of Incepta, PIOTAB 30 tablet of Millat, DIAPIOTAG 30 tablet of Medimet Pharmaceuticals, OGLI 30 tablet of Kemiko, Priglit 30 tablet of Biopharma, Piogon 30 tablet of Doctors Chemical Works Ltd, ACTOSE 30 tablet of Unimed & Unihealth Manufacturers Ltd, PIGLIT 30 tablet of Pacific, PIOGLIN 30 tablet of Reneta, PIOLIT 30 tablet of Alco. Glucozon 30 tablet of Aristopharma, PIGOBET 30 tablet of Ad-din, DIATAS 30 tablet of Navana, TOS 30 tablet and TOS 45 tablet of Square, PIGZON 30 tablet of Sharif, PIOZENA 30 tablet of Drug International Ltd and LIT 30 tablet of White Horse.
The banned Rosiglitazone brands include Rosiglit 2 tablet and Rosiglit 4 tablet of General Pharmaceuticals, Glucors 2 tablet and Glucors 4 tablet of Aristopharma, Sensulin 2 tablet and Sensulin 4 tablet of Square, Romerol 2 tablet and Romerol 4
tablet of Drug International, ROSIT 2 tablet and ROSIT 4 tablet of Delta Pharma, TAZONE 4 tablet of Kemiko Pharmaceuticals and ROGLIT 4 tablet of Pacific.

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