We are a specialty pharma site that aims to collate and advertise all events, resources and breaking news relevant in our beloved pharma world. Pharmachitchat is powered by nimble, astute and agile pharmaceutical professionals with experience in a myriad of pharmaceutical settings, thus ensuring a whole spectrum of Pharma coverage. Expect up to date, ground breaking news as it happens, with equal coverage for both the movers and shakers of the pharma industry and the up & coming new gems.

We also pride ourselves in delivering the latest technical information, with complete analysis in our Formulation and Analytical sections respectively. These technical contents have been sourced diligently and archived in Pharmachitchat for the convenience of readers. Information these days are needed at warp speed, and regular followers of Pharmachitchat can be rest assured that most of their answers can be found in our burgeoning archives. Patent literacy, information and know how is a necessary skill these days in the pharma industry, to bypass the various litanies of intellectual property rights protecting most molecules and inventions. With our intellectual property segment, we aim to expand on this topic further while introducing various interesting information regarding patents that will be a valuable arsenal for any Pharma industry professional to have.

By virtue of being one of the most regulated industries in the world, the regulatory landscape in the Pharma industries are constantly striving to reach new heights, with various new measures and regulations introduced to maintain such high standards. The regulatory affairs chapter in Pharmachitchat aims to deliver the most relevant regulatory trends on the horizon today, while including relevant guidelines and references for access by the Pharma professionals. And a segment specifically for those considering a change of scenery or further advancements in their career, the Pharma job portal and Pharma resume segments will allow suitable candidates to match their credentials to the new jobs that are posted.

We have good rapport with seasoned headhunters, and will be sure to forward applicable resumes to them. We also have the regular Pharma events segment, where various companies can advertise any Pharma related events, which we will publish together with all the leading Pharma events around the globe. In accordance with the emerging presence of eBooks and pdf formats, Pharmachitchat carries a wide range of Pharma related books at very affordable prices, therefore enabling convenient access to reference by revered authors and influential Pharma professionals.

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Mr.Ragupathy is a Senior Research Scientist in Formulation Research & Development in a Reputed Pharmaceutical company . Has hands on experience in USFDA and MHRA approved companies and has been part of various International Pharmaceutical Conferences.

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Mr. Sandeep Singh Dhillon is a registered Pharmacist with a keen interest in all things pharma. Has dabbled in various pharma related industries, namely healthcare, research, manufacturing, and nuclear pharmacy. Easy going, and open to ideas, please drop me an email at sandeepsd86@gmail.com for a more intimate discussion.