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A patented innovation from Zota Healthcare
Pharma News

Zota Healthcare has given a new direction in treatment of common cold therapy and recently received a patent for their innovation.

Dr. Sanjay Agrawal, medical consultant and official spokesperson, and a man behind this innovation has confirmed about this recent development. According to him the new drug which will be commercialized shortly in India and abroad will add a new perspective in the treatment of common cold and will provide unmatched benefits to patients in terms of efficacy and safety. This will prove to be a path breaking therapy and will receive great acceptance from the medical field as well like for all his earlier innovations, he added.

Dr. Agrawal, a patent holder of many research formulations such as RTFit, GMFit, ZONURON-T, CRAMPFORT to mention few in his folder, has expressed great satisfaction for this new patented innovation and claimed to be the first to provide substantial advantages to a vast number of general population. He also unfolds the future innovations in pipeline which are in tune to his motto: Effective-Better–Safer Healthcare Innovations for All.

These innovations have not only separated company from other me-to pharmaceutical companies but has provided a boost in growth and revenues. This is important, as many other giants are finding difficult to fend themselves in this competitive market, this Indian multinational is spreading its wings across and will be a centre of attention for time to come.

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